all you need to know


size does matter

the end!

ok maybe there’s a little more that you need to know. when you’re looking to

buy a diamond or a ring, it is important to understand how diamond sizing works

the pic below pretty much explains it all, the top sizes are measured in carats

and the bottom size gives an indication (approximately) in millimetres





it’s also good to mention that certain shapes are cheaper than other shapes,

irrespective of the carat size. for example a square diamond is cheaper than

a round diamond even if they are both 1 carat.


so if the size of the diamond is important then choose a style where you’ll get

a bigger diamond for your budget. but if you have your heart set on a specific shape

or ring design then the picture below is of the diamond shapes that are available.





diamonds come in a variety of colours, white diamonds being the most popular.

diamonds are graded by the amount of yellow found in them,

the whiter they are, the more expensive, as they reflect more light.





look, with the naked eye the average person won’t be able to see the flaws

that lay within the diamond, so if you aren’t too concerned with flaws then

you don’t really need to bother with this. but if you are wanting to buy a near

flawless diamond then the picture below will explain all you need to know.